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The Original Homeschool Cruise!
Welcome to 
Mazie's Original Homeschool Cruise 

​          Do YOU have a Homeschool Group?
       Would you like to EARN a free berth?*

   If you said YES to these two questions, then
we need to talk!   I love groups and I love 

   What better way to vacation, but on a cruise
with like minded people.   Get your homeschool group together and cruise to wonderful, exotic
destinations of the Caribbean!   No budget too little.  Small deposits and pay on it all year.

   A cruise is a great value.  All your accommodations, all your food, all your entertainment, all on one
amazing ship!  PLUS two, three or four beautiful ports of call.

   What's a berth and how do I earn it?  A berth is the cruise fare without all the taxes and fees!  For every 8 cabins that you book with your homeschool group, you earn 1 berth.  For every 16 cabins booked, you earn 2 - and so on.  Let me give you an example.  Say the cruise fare is $149. Taxes are $99 and NCF (port & Gov't fees) are $199 for a total cruise price of $447.  For every 8 cabins you book, you earn $149.  For every 16 booked you earn $298, and so on.  The more you book, the more you earn!  

   It can be put towards your cabin, used as onboard credit or I can send you a check at the end of your cruise!  

If you have a group and are interested, call me or e-mail me!

Mazie Middleton CTA, MCC
Cruises & Tours Unlimited
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